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Hi, I'm Stephane, I'm a Garmin Swim User and programmer of this application. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I like to run, bike and swim...for fun. I'm also a fan of sport devices. I bought a Garmin swim because I was frustrated with my swimming and wanted to improve. The Garmin Swim is great because it allows me to tell if I am improving or not. It gives me the metrics I need. Although, it has been pretty accurate, sometimes I would swim in a crowded lane, and would have to slow down and switch to breaststroke, while looking for an opportunity to pass. As a result, I would get an extra length added to my session, which would have an effect on my average and maximum speed. As I read the support forums on the Garmin web site, I would see others users wishing they could edit their data on Garmin Connect. To this day, Garmin has not provided this feature. So I decided to give it a try, and this application is the result. Bug reports, suggestions, and nice comments are welcomed.