Swimming Watch tools

Great News! Swimming Watch Tools have been acquired by Metroapps!

This tool is 10 years old. Although it still performs well and still does what it was intended to, it uses legacy technologies (such as PHP extensions) which are becoming increasingly hard to maintain, and is due for a complete rewrite.

Metroapps will keep this legacy tool running until a complete rewrite is done, which is planned in 2023-2024 Northern Hemisphere winter. The plan is to rewrite the same functionality as a Progressive Web App which can be run totally on client side and available offline. Any further progress will be announced here.

Have a great summer and keep swimming.

Problems with the site, suggestions, comments? Your messages are welcomed

This site is now run by Metroapps since the original developer, Stephane, no longer works on it. The current maintainer is Michael who is a talented web developer, and also a marathon swimmer and orienteer.

The detection of Garmin swim watches, while useful, is not perfect, which sometimes detect strokes incorrectly or gets an extra length added, and Garmin has not provided an official feature to manually fix the data.

Bug reports, suggestions, and nice comments are welcomed, but no new features will be added until the application is modernised.